Aerospace & Defense

Cesaroni Technology Incorporated has expanded its advanced research and product development activities to include aerospace and defense related items. Customers include various agencies within the United States Department of Defense, the Canadian Department of National Defense, numerous defense industry OEM's as well as law enforcement agencies and educational institutions throughout Canada and the US.

 Propulsion & Energetics

CTI has designed and manufactures a number of propulsion systems for use in tactical missile and sub-orbital launch vehicle applications. Areas of expertise include solid and hybrid propulsion systems, orbital and sub-orbital payload delivery systems, gas generator systems and developmental energetics research.  Read more

 Ammunition Products

Cesaroni Technology Inc. has developed a unique line of small and medium caliber lead-free projectiles and ammunition products for use by law enforcement and military end-users. These patented projectiles can be used to eliminate environmental contamination issues associated with training applications. Certain projectile configurations can be used in operational situations where enhanced terminal ballistic characteristics are required.  Read more

 Test Equipment

CTI designs and manufactures a variety of test equipment for the aerospace and defense market ranging from small portable test devices and data acquisition systems to large OEM production test facilities. CTI also develops specialized electronic interfaces and software.  Read more

 Polymeric Heat Transfer Systems

Polymeric Heat Transfer Systems were initially developed in the mid-eighties. Cesaroni Technology Incorporated has been working closely with the U.S. Department of Defense for a number of years on the development of lightweight cooling components for tracked, wheeled and amphibious vehicles. Other applications include weapons systems, ships, aircraft and soldier heat transfer systems.   Read more

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