Industrial & Automotive Products

Cesaroni Technology Incorporated got its start in the mid-eighties developing innovative cooling systems and double-wall heat shields for automotive applications. Surface cooling systems were successfully demonstrated on open-wheel racing cars and automotive OEM's are currently using double wall heat shields.

Since then, CTI has expanded its industrial and automotive products group to include polymeric heat exchange systems, heat exchanger manufacturing equipment, automotive test systems and test facilities as well as a host of other innovative products and services.

 Polymeric Heat Exchangers

Polymeric Heat Transfer Systems were initially developed in the mid-eighties. CTI has successfully demonstrated this technology in several applications including automotive radiators, charge-air intercoolers, transmission oil coolers, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) coils and marine coolers.  Read more

 Test Equipment

CTI designs, manufactures, installs and supports a wide variety of test equipment for use by automotive and industrial customers worldwide. Some examples include engine dynamometer facilities, emissions test equipment and computer-controlled component test facilities for municipal transit authority use. CTI also designs and manufactures engine dynamometer facilities for use by automotive OEM's, data acquisition systems and test systems and wind tunnels for use by HVAC equipment manufacturers.  Read more

 Manufacturing Systems

Cesaroni Technology Inc. designs and delivers various automated manufacturing equipment to OEM's and Tier 1 automotive suppliers. Systems range from simple rotary-table assembly machines to complex servo-controlled assembly cells. CTI specializes in PC-based control using its own DataCAD machine control software but also utilizes COTS equipment.  Read more

 Polymer Chemistry

CTI supplies laboratory services to companies who do not have the in-house expertise to design and develop products and processes involving engineering polymers. Cesaroni Technology can address all aspects of a development program, from initial concept design through to prototype and manufacturing process development.  Read more

 Testing Services

Cesaroni Technology provides product testing services to OEM's and provides independent contract testing to government agencies. CTI also is involved in the development of test specifications and test procedures for a wide variety of organizations.  Read more

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