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Manufacturing Systems

Cesaroni Technology Incorporated designs and produces several manufacturing systems. Most are proprietary to the end user although CTI produces a number of generic assembly machines.

One example is the LWC-2000 Laser Welding Center. This machine is fully automatic and user configurable. The machine is designed for bonding plastic parts, but can be tailored to your application. The LWC-2000 combines a fiber-coupled industrial laser, powerful DataCAD machine control software and safe operation in one easy to use assembly center. The machine provides up to 15 watts of continuous-wave infrared laser energy. A visible aim beam is also featured, as well as several safety interlocks. The attached optics project intense, non-contact laser-light for welding. The machine has been designed with the safety of the user in mind. It is built to conform to both North American and CE safety standards.

Cesaroni Technology Incorporated produces other automated polymeric heat exchanger equipment, all of which make use of servo technology. With DataCAD's user friendly man/machine interface, machine adjustments and changeovers are just a click of a mouse or a tap on a touch screen.

Other equipment includes rotary-table based assembly stations, custom extrusion lines, plastic pelletizers, custom thermoforming stations and custom molding machinery.

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