Aerospace & Defense - Propulsion & Energetics

  • Rocket Motor Design Capabilities
    CTI has expanded its in-house engineering design capabilities to include rocket and missile component and system design tools.  Read more

  • Solid Rocket Motor Systems
    Cesaroni Technology has developed and currently manufactures a number of solid rocket motor systems for various research, commercial and defense applications.  Read more

  • Hybrid Rocket Motor Systems
    CTI continues to develop high-performance, low-cost hybrid propulsion systems for small launchers.  Read more

  • Payload Delivery Systems
    Cesaroni Technology Inc. continues to develop payload delivery systems for research, commercial and defense applications.  Read more

  • Developmental Energetics
    Developmental energetic products include low-smoke propellants for kinetic energy missiles, advanced packetized oxidizers for high-performance missiles and gas-generator fuels for underwater torpedoes.  Read more

  • Rocket and Missile Components
    CTI currently manufactures composite motor cases, nozzles and other components for a variety of rocket and missile systems.  Read more

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